Foxtel From Telstra
UX Lead
Foxtel is television content provider(Channels) in Australia and Telstra a telecom Service. There was agreement between Foxtel and Telstra to provide Foxtel content through Telstra network. All the content management was done through sales contact centres or Telstra Shop. The goal was to provide all channel packages as self-services through online media on Web, Tablet and Mobile.
Foxtel Package combination of various channels that had turn complex due to introductions of news channel packages but customers still on old (sometime preferred) older channel packages . Online services need to support both legacy and new channel packages. This was first e-commerce projects that was provides as through self-services applications such as MyAccount( Web) and 24x7 (iOS and Android Apps). Due to this there was not design patterns that support interactions for e-commerce.
I started the project conducting discovery workshop get understand of scope of project and getting information from internal and Foxtel team to get common understand of Foxtel ecosystems in Telstra. Next think was to understand the users. I began with talking to Sales personals who interacted with end users daily. Sales personals also connect me to some of the existing users to talk to. I create user journey maps and Personas based on the understand from my research. I, next created some concept diagrams which involved the technical architect to get his feedback on technical feasibility prospective. I also collected feedback from internal stakeholder during this time. Once the once was finalized I created a detail wireframes. The number of design patterns identified very specific to e-commerce interaction that was added to existing design pattern library.
Some of the workflows how users access various features
There were number of packages that users would access from their accounts. There were some rules based on which these packages would be visible or not visible to users. Following workflow diagrams demonstrates example of these rules. Creating these workflow help us decide showing right content to each users based on their eligibility. The helps create design that prevent user going into error conditions.
Following are examples of some concept screens. Below joining into solution, I created number of solution and validated those solution with sales personals and users. The best outcome was combination of all solution togethers.
Prototypes samples
Finally, I created hi-fidelity prototypes that was share with developers. Kindly see link this to see some samples Sample Axure prototypes