T-Mail | E-Mail Migration
UX Lead
The focus of this project was to move 2.43 million customers to new email platform. The project delivered email migration portal that proactively understood customer issues and provide solution to them.
A similar migration in 2013 did not go well. The customer experience of that migration was so bad that it drove the NPS of -42 . Migration is not seamless process. There are few step that users need to do before they migrate. The project had to design the overall customer experience that gave the feel of migration as seamless as possible.Important goal from this project was to have positive NPS
I had to improve the overall customer experience for users for the migration process. I started with mapping what are various steps in e-mail migrations. I created a customer journey map that documented possible steps and various touch with users during each possible steps. The customer Journey maps was optimized iteratively to reduce the number of steps for users and automating lot of steps. Once various steps for migration were confirmed, I followed user centred design process for each possible steps to create better user experience at each touch point.
Kindly visit this to see same of wireframes for various touch point. Complete Wireframes | Interactive Prototype(Mobile)