Oil & Gas | Production allocation
UX Lead
Production allocation is one of the applications of larger umbrella product SAP UOM. The key user of the application is production accountants sometime also called as Hydrocarbon analyst. This application access data from various sources and determine hydrocarbon and water volumes, masses, and energy content produces in various oil wells. Users can easily determine what was produced; what can be produced; and perform further analysis for longer range planning; plan vs. actual, and apply chemical analysis data to perform allocations at either the component or full product stream level. This application can be assess by the user on Desktop and Tablet.
Production allocation was very specific area for Oil and Gas domain. Very specialized people would do this work and it was very difficult to find them. Many time Hydrocarbon analyst is on the move visiting wells which were sometime more than 10 km away. User would collect data on tablet and do analysis on the desktop machine using complex algorithms. We needed to provide seamless experience to user across these platforms. It was important that users felt confidence while collecting and analysing information related to hydrocarbons as there were lots of regulatory requirement involved in this reporting.
We got access to some domain expert in this area. We talk to them to understand the whole process and users' needs. I created various model such as Personas, Flow diagrams, Allocation process analysis and storyboards. During this time, our sales time was able to connect to some companies who show interest in buying the product. I jumped on this opportunity to validate my models with business people and end users in these companies . Next step was ideation where I create concept diagrams. I users Balsamiq to create lo-fidelity prototypes and again validated with prospective customers. SAP have defined the design system for Fiori Application. I used the guideline from this design system for create prototypes.
Lo-fi prototype
Here is examples of Balsamiq prototypes
Hi-Fi Prototypes
The final prototype were created using SAP Fiori Design Guidelines.