UX Lead
ViewPoint is a retail product for buying/selling security in Australia, UK, Canada, South Africa and Singapore. ViewPoint is used by typical mom and dad who invest in stocks to manage their investment or as hobby. We I join the ViewPoint team, the product was already half way in the development with few key features related to shares were ready to use. My roles was to design features related to Stock Derivatives such as Options and Warrants. I am going to talk about designing experience for Options
The Options are one of complex derivative for shares. Dealing with Options requires more sophisticated skills and knowledge compare to dealing with share. Big challenge for the project was that there was no expertise for Options in team. Not only we had get the conceptual understanding of how options works but also needed to know how end users trade with Options. I was first designer in the team. There was very limited understand of User Centre design and Design thinking. Thirdly, IRESS offer ViewPoint in B2B Model. Various brokerage firms would white label ViewPoint offer it as services. Getting access to end user required to go through these brokerage firms.
Given the situation there was no other process expect user centre design process that could help create experience for our users. I was able to convince ComSec and CIBC banks to give access to their users for user interviews. During the first phase of understanding, we talked to 5 users in each bank for understand how they work with Options. Simultaneously, I did secondary research by reading about Options and doing competitive analysis. In next phase, we analysis information collected from various sources. We created Empathy Maps and User Journey Maps to convert our finding into comprehensible models. Next phase was synthesis, where I start with ideation for concepts that fit into mental model of users. Initial concepts were on paper and whiteboard. Later, I created wireframes and prototypes that we tested with end users.
Below are examples of ideation session where I drew ideas on the whiteboard and validating against the input from the users research. The ideas were shared with colleagues and there was lot of throwing thought back and forth.
Portfolio View
Portfolio is most important part of investor's life. Portfolio keeps users inform about his current position and how she/he is doing from investments point of view. Portfolio has two sections summary section that gives him big picture and details section that give details about individual position with analytics. User wanted to see as much information as possible on one screens. Contrary to general principle, providing white space
Option Explorer
There are two types of Options - Call and Put. User want to sees these Options based on their expire dates. The timeline view best suited for their needs. Also, users wanted to sync Call and Put values for comparation to make better decision making. Sample XD Prototypes