Senior User Experience Designer
Industrial Robots performs lot of complex task such as welding, painting, packaging, forging in a factory automatically, but before they can do so, robots need to be programmed. I worked as user experience designer and researcher for ABB product called RobView. RobView was software for both desktop and handheld for robot programming. Being involved in design and development of RobView from beginning, I conducted contextual enquires at various customers location around the world. Having the clear understanding of end user’s (Robot Operator) eco-system, I lead the global team to conceptual, prototype and validate the solution for RobView. With RobView that has better workflow, improve screen design, ABB has drastically improved the setup time of new robot in a factory. RobView also reduce the learning time to program the robot.
User Studies
As a part of project, user studies at three locations were conducted. User used teach pendent in different context for programming industrial robot. User studies helped to understand the users' pain point, workaround and frequent tasks.
Concepts for programming robot
I created a concept for programming the robots. The robot programming language syntax was based on this concept. This concept help robot programmer to learn robot programming language and start working quickly.
Joystick for robot programming
User would the robot programming using Joystick with small screens. Programmer would use small screen on Joystick to write code in Robot programming language. User could mentally map the movement of Joystick in two dimension to actual robot movement in three dimension.