CozyViz | Cozy Visualization
UX Lead
This was purely User Experience project. CozyVis (Cozy Visualization) project looked at Next Generation interaction Paradigm for Control Room. The goal of the project was to design next generation Network Manager that to improve power system explorer workflow that help the Engineers to the commission and configure Electrical network and that help Operator to Control and Monitor the Electrical network. Conducted field studies at PGCIL, Reliance Power and Delhi Metro.  As a part of project I suggested new workflow and User interface design for Outage Management, Energy management system, Monitoring HCI, Operators collaboration. 
The Control room systems are very complex. CozyVis has an objective to understand operator workflows to be able to recommend how and where to use identified features. Understanding operator workflows would give us the opportunity to take away unnecessary repetitive steps for solving tasks, which exist in the current system. It could reduce time intense operations by reducing the workflow in clicks and/or steps, and most importantly it could reduce the cognitive load so that operators understand the flow instead of memorizing it.
This was huge project involving team from India, Sweden and Germany. I lead the project from India. We conducted users research at multiple location across Europe and India. We had multiple workshop for synthesising information collected by various team. We created various models such as personas, workflow analysis, decision requirement analysis, Time event analysis and analytic induction (Affinity diagram).
Lo-Fi Prototypes
Low-fidelity (lo-fi) prototyping is characterized by a quick and easy translation of high-level design concepts into tangible and testable artifacts. Below is example of Low Fidelity prototype that were evaluated with operators to test if the concept is understandable by the users. We were able to get maximum of feedback on design ideas at a minimal cost.